You didn't come here to go through the motions of life, you came here to have an

Extraordinary Life 


The Art of Contemplation Audiocourse


Empower yourself by tapping into your inner wisdom through The Art of Contemplation. In such a chaotic world it's very difficult to know how to slow down to listen to your own inner guidance. This audiobook + course will take away all the complexity and bring you back to your center, gently guiding you into making better decisions, experiencing breakthroughs, and evolving to new heights! 

Hi, I'm Codi.

Even though I am known as a spiritual life coach, podcaster, inspirational speaker, and teacher... It wasn’t always this way. 


After battling serious adversities, addiction, depression, and chronic health problems, I quit forcing my way through life and surrendered to the situation at hand by turning my attention inward, unlocking a cascade of wisdom and guidance that has led me to more purpose, prosperity, and peace in my life. 


Now I guide women like you back to your inner power (sovereignty) so that you can experience the miraculous in your life! 


From feeling totally defeated by life and living with toxic shame, to becoming a co-creator with the divine and manifesting a life I could have only dreamed of 5 years ago...I know what it takes to master your life from the inside out. 


If you’re looking for someone who gets you, listens to what you’re really saying, and understands people at a deep level, I’d love to help you on your journey. 

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My elite level service for the person who is ready to go deep within to reach next-level success, mastery & spiritual awakening.


A deep dive into your unique Gene Key Profile. This is for the person who is ready to unlock the mysteries of their existence, understand their purpose, open their hearts to more love, and receive their god-given prosperity codes. 


An unforgettable live event where you will upgrade your identity to that of a SOVEREIGN co-creator. Not only will you leave inspired but you will leave with a new sense of who you are and what you are capable of!  

Sovereign SOULutions Podcast

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Now is the time to go from ordinary to extraordinary with your weekly dose of inspiring episodes that will be sure to give your mindset an upgrade, elevate your emotional intelligence, and refine your energetic state! I’ll guide you back to your inner wisdom & truth as well as share new perspectives that will cause massive breakthroughs in your life. 


Sovereign SOULutions is basically your teacher and coach in a box. Whether you’re wanting to connect deeper to your divinity, gain clarity on your purpose, or simply to live your best all begins with making a choice to align with your extraordinary self. Codi’s ability to bridge the spiritual with the material, with real life examples, will help you transform your life from the inside out. 


Tune in every Monday at 8am CST