My Story

I’m Codi, a mother of 3 (ages 14, 12, and 5), a lover of wisdom, spirituality, sunsets and great books. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and I believe it’s due to creating peace with adversity and learning that everything in life always has a higher purpose, including my very turbulent beginnings.


I was born early due to domestic violence. I came out blue with a pin-sized hole in my heart and lungs. I suffered from seizures and breathing problems as well as digestive issues so I had to live in an incubator for a while. Both my parents weren’t ready for a child. My mother was 16, my dad was a lover of freedom, and both of them had an intimate relationship with alcohol.



We moved frequently from state to state when my dad joined the Navy but when he was honorably discharged, things got rocky.


He wanted to go out with his friends and drink and my mom wanted him to stay at home and be a father to us kids.

The violence increased and so as a result I did my best to cope in the only way that I knew how. I would “check out” or leave my body and go into a sort of dissociative state which I later learned was called SOUL LOSS.



This affected my performance in school, I was often unable to focus, I appeared “spaced out” and felt extremely alienated from my peers who always seemed happy, whereas I felt miserable and confused.

Deep in my being, I felt a sense of complete and utter purposelessness which led to childhood depression and anxiety by the age of 8.

When I turned 14-15, I began smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol to escape the feelings of worthlessness and despair. By this time my parents had divorced and we had moved 4 states away from my dad so that my mom could get a job at a refinery working shift work.


The relationship between my mom and I became strained and in 2005, just one month after high school graduation, I found out I was pregnant with my first son.

Despite chronic depression & low energy lingering in the background, I decided that it was time to enroll in college and actually “do something with my life”.

But again I found myself spaced out and disembodied. My relationship with myself began to turn volatile and I insisted that I was just lazy and needed to try harder despite the fact that my adrenal glands were already shot from chronic stress, I pushed on.

Between going to college and holding a full-time job, I was only able to see my son a few hours a day which had me feeling like a terrible parent.

My alcohol consumption increased as the depression & anxiety got worse and eventually I was having full-blown panic attacks at work and at school. I had no choice but to take something off my plate so I dropped out of college temporarily.

But that wasn’t enough...things still continued downhill.



The Call

In 2010 we got the call that my grandpa had died from bone cancer. This was when I had my very first encounter with the divine. On our way up to his funeral (16-hour drive), there were bad storms heading our way and I began having a panic attack.


Within about 30 mins or so I felt a calm wash over my body and to my surprise, the storm broke apart and when I looked up in the sky there was a giant cloud in the shape of a feather.


I heard the message “You are here to help bridge heaven and earth.” I felt pure ecstasy at that moment but it was short-lived.


The reality was that I was still an addict and I was about to go bury one of my best friends. So I ignored the call and continued in my destructive ways.

March 2014 I totaled my car and got a DUI. Luckily I walked away scratch free but there were big consequences to face. My DL was suspended for a year, I had to attend a DUI victim panel, go to counseling and I had no more job which meant I had to rely on my kids’ father to take care of everything.

I was ashamed of myself.

But of course, there’s always a gift even in the darkest times. A couple of months after getting my DUI I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.

It was an exciting but scary time; for the first time in a long time, I was completely sober which meant I had to face all the guilt and shame I had accumulated.

Then after my daughter was born the guilt hit me that I couldn’t go on with my old ways of being, plus I was exhausted and my body was showing lots of signs of dis-ease.

I had liver issues to the point of manifesting jaundice in my eyes, frequent headaches, 25lbs overweight, insomnia, panic attacks including health anxiety (aka- hypochondria). I coughed every single day from all the years of smoking, severe cystic acne, and more. I knew it was time to make a decision….either I let my body die or I answered the call from the divine that I had been ignoring my entire life.

Enough was enough.

I set a date to quit smoking once and for all, April 23rd, 2016 and at 4 am, I had my last cigarette ever.

And a few months after that, I quit drinking entirely.

I had to start somewhere so I looked on youtube for any holistic healing modality I could find until one day I stumbled on iridology (the study of the iris and it’s connection to our body) and was introduced to an earth angel named Dr. Morse, a naturopath from Florida and an iridologist who has been helping people heal their bodies for decades.

I watched hundreds of hours of videos on youtube on how I could heal myself. And then later became a certified detox specialist through Dr. Morses International School of Detoxification.

I then worked my way from the standard American diet to a plant-based diet and eventually down to a raw food diet. I knew that I had to undo a lot of toxicity that has built up over the years so I took it a step further into juice fasting and wrote my own herbal protocols.

I could literally feel the low vibrations lift out of my body as I continued with these very high vibrational foods.

Then something I didn’t expect happened. I began feeling embodied again, parts of my soul started to come back to me. My once dull eyes began to show life inside them again and I could finally hear that voice of intuition that was so faint in the background for so many years.


And through that grace, I was guided onto the journey of entrepreneurship and released my very first brand, Authentically Empowered.


But I realized that being a detox specialist was only a stepping stone and that I was being called into expressing more of who I really was, it was time for me to come out of hiding and show the world my spiritual side.

I began sharing my story little by little and instead of forcing content like I did in the beginning, I learned how to surrender deeply into my own timing and trust in that timing. I also learned how to trust in what I was sharing without censoring myself. I continued to focus immensely on the energy in which I was carrying within me.

As I did that, things became effortless. The chase for clients turned into them seeking me out instead.

By divine grace, I was led to the Gene Keys which accelerated my spiritual growth and expansion tenfold.

I ended up learning so much about myself through that system and it still shows me things I haven’t seen before.

Today I look back at my journey and I am so thankful for all that I went through. I fully understand the meaning of my suffering and I see the higher purpose behind it all. I am now more resilient than I ever was before. I learned that it takes a calm nervous system to allow my soul to incarnate fully into my body. I learned how to regain those pieces of my soul that were lost.


I have developed a deep sense of compassion for anyone who feels too ashamed of their past to reach out for help. I know how to hold space, I know what it takes to be on the journey of self-mastery and surrender even in the most challenging times.


I learned how to see the beauty in the mundane, to listen to my body’s wisdom, and to let go of what’s no longer serving me. Most of all, I know that we are all here with our own unique higher purpose that is a part of this grand awakening into the new earth & new paradigm.

This breeds my passion to help others through the process of self-mastery & soul sovereignty so that they can live in alignment with their higher purpose & embrace their suffering as well.

It lights up my soul to see people stepping into their sacred leadership, claiming back their inner power and standing for what’s in their hearts.


The biggest lesson I learned was: to reach our full potential is the greatest gift this earth school provides us and when we answer that call, we learn how to surf the waves of adversity with grace, thus becoming a conscious facilitator in helping raise the consciousness of the planet.

Thank you for reading my story.

Much love,


Sovereign SOULutions Mission:

Sovereign Soulutions   Mission is to help visionaries & truth seekers free their spirits through governing oneself instead of falling victim to self-sabotage & submissiveness that goes against one's dharma (soul destiny). It's about shining the light on our weaknesses and turning them into strengths. It's mastery over temptation and greed. It's about putting the fire eye (desire) beneath the water eye (wisdom). It's taking radical responsibility for one's life and circumstances as the sovereign co-creator you have always been deep down. 

It's the solution to freedom & harmony. It's the solution to real fulfillment. It's the strength and courage to be totally authentic, beginning with oneself.  It's the reason we have enrolled in this "Earth School" and has the power to transform outdated systems in the world. 

It's the solution for enlightened leadership, taking a stand for what's in our hearts and manifesting a life well-lived. And as a result, your Divine Legacy will always remain in the fabric of history. 

This is what Sovereign Soulutions is about. 

But most importantly it's not mine. It's ours, it's a MOVEMENT conceived from visionaries and truth seekers (like you) who have decided to embrace its path. It's a movement into the New Earth. And it's attainted through answering the call of your highest purpose & potential in this lifetime. 

Thank you for being a part of this movement. 



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