Contemplation...Creating peace and harmony from the inside out without having to spend 10 years in meditation! 

In our busy world, it's easy to neglect the very essence of our being...our spirit. 

We don't do it intentionally and most of the time we have every intention to meditate, slow down, heal, and connect to that part of us that is all-knowing. 

Between being parents, business owners, husbands, and wives, we can easily become too exhausted, too distracted, or plain out forget to go within. 

You tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow only for tomorrow to come and go while your stress level increases and the hamster wheel of life continues to go round and round. 

Then you end up feeling guilty because you know the benefits of nourishing your spirit which creates a destructive cycle. 

The thing is...TIME is of the essence. 

You need something that you can practice that won't take all day long and that will still get you the results. 

This is where The Art of Contemplation SHINES my friends. 

You get to decide when and how often you use this incredibly powerful ancient wisdom in your life and guess what? Before long it will just become a natural part of your life. 

You will notice how much you crave the pauses. 

Calm will be your new norm and you will be able to make the TIME in your life COUNT. 

No more chasing the clock, going to bed at night feeling like you didn't do enough. 

Contemplation will change the way you view your life ensuring that you go to bed feeling complete, prosperous, and whole each and every night. 

And the best thing about it? It's super simple. 

Once you begin practicing this art, you will be reminded of the beauty of life in each moment. 

I can't wait to see the results you'll get! 



Listen to what Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys has to say about The Art of Contemplation

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